“The Old Bull”

13.0602 Ambro waitin on a woman

Most folks know me as “the old bull” or Bull or OB.  I refer to myself as Ambro and folks go who?  And then i get asked where did the name come from?  It seems to come up fairly regularly in my wandering about.  I am sure many have heard it.  For those who haven’t, this is how it all started….

Many years ago an old bull and a young bull were standing a top a hill overlooking the heard in the valley below.  The young bull… being well young … could not stand still, stomping around in circles, pawing at the dirt.  While the old bull stood still simply watching and pondering.

The young bull being bored and looking for something to do decided to break the silence and ask the old bull a question.  “Hey, old one…what do you say we run down the hill and fuck us one of them cows?”

The old bull just looked at the young bull and snorted “nawh”

The young bull, a little mystified at the old bull’s response stomped around shaking his head.  Muttering “old bulls..never any fun…”

After a bit the old bull looked at the young bull and said “How about we walk down the hill and fuck us all them cows.”

Perspective…’nough said I think

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