…am I the only one who finds it odd

16.0905 ToB - pickin' up my laundry VI

So here I am in a post apocalyptic scene…crumbling building…sleeping on a old cot…rummaging for sustenance.  Yet, my hair is the perfect shade of blonde…my  beard that perpetual 3 day shadow, manicured razor sharp …most importantly my chest n’ abs smooth and perfectly waxed…..

I guess it always pays to look pretty.

The Laundry

JACKET:  [L&B] Swear Hero X Jacket – Augist 2016 SwagBag

PANTS: [L&B] Swear Tactical Leather Pants – Septemebr 2016 SwagBag

BOOTS:  [hoorenbeek] New Rock Boots – Black

GLASSES: [GOS] Custom Eyeware – SCT

JEWELRY: RealEvil Industries Elegance Rings – Slink; Swallow Three Crosses Necklace

HAIR: NO.MATCH No_Sky – Blonde

TATTOO: Letis Tattoo Aronui – September 2016 SwagBag


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