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17.0826 back her closet - Tousled

just something about a girl who looks just a little tousled…oh my

Her Closet

SWEATER:  Silvery K *:..Silvery K..:*Loose feminine(Tops_Pink) (new @ Whimsical)

ACCESSORIES:  Silvery K *:..Silvery K..:*Loose feminine(Armcover_Pink) (new @ Whimsical)

JEWELRY: Silvery K  *:..Silvery K..:*Loose feminine(Choker_Pink); *:..Silvery K..:*Loose feminine(Pearl Necklace_Pink); *:..Silvery K..:*Loose feminine(Leg Chain_Gold); *:..Silvery K..:*Loose feminine(Earings_Light) (new @ Whimsical)

STOCKINGS:  Maitreya Slouch Stockings

HAIR:  TKW Dubet (new @ On9)

The Scene

PROPS:  DYNASTY – Shanghai Escape Gacha (complete set); [CerberusXing] [CX] Juniper Bonsai; unKindness uK – Olympus Fountain Dark


…seemed like a good idea

17.0730 Mrs Core's Closet - seemed like a good idea

…well it seemed like a good idea.  Famous last words.

Mrs Core and I were out the other day looking for a place to do a picture.  along the way we stopped for lunch and well the joint had “Root Beer” and not the A&W variety.  It seems that Mrs Core rather liked it and well you know you can’t have just one.  Some how this lead to “Baby, I bet a picture up on that wall by the marquee would look great!”  Ever climb an ice box in heels after a few “root beers”?

Could have been worse, she was talking about matching tattoos…….

Her Closet

TOP:  ISON Bailey Cowl Wrap Top (new @ Uber)

SHORTS:  RealEvil Industries **RE** Bad Girl Shorts

SHOES: Tania Sandals (new @ Uber)

JEWELRY: AvaWay Rianna Rings;  Eclipse Art Studio Belt Piercing Bull;  RealEvil Industries **RE** Venus Bracelet

TATTOO:  Hipster Style Sunflowers Tattoo

HAIR:  Truth Margarita (new @ Uber)

The Scene

PROPS:  Seven Emporium 7 – Ice Machine II XXX (new @ Uber);  Remarkable Oblivion RO – The Salty Sailor – Marquis RARE;  Ex Machina Kensington Wall & Soho Arched Passageway



17.0717 Mrs Core's Closet II - Attitude

…so I had this idea for a picture.

Mrs Core has been burning up her Lindens at The Epiphany for 4 days now (side note, does anyone know of a good gacha intervention program).  And to be honest she has come away with some really nice things.  But I have to say when she tried on the Pixicat Dragon dress I was “Babe, you gotta have that.”  Of course, she just looked at me and said, “Like you have any say.”  I guess, I should point out that I had spent 3 hours telling her most of what she was trying on was just ok.  I was thinking of my wallet of course.  So off she went, and again, and again, and again, and again.  I think you got the picture.  And of course she never touched the Pixicat.

In the end i wandered the gacha groups, fists full of lindens in my hands asking where I could get this dress.  I met shady characters on seedy sims, took frightening teleports to unseemly places.  To be honest, I was frightened.  Have you ever seen the inner world of gacha trading, those women are ferocious.  In the end, I found it after a rather unsettling conversation with a lady named “Big Ruby” who never lost the ash off her Pallmall through our entire negotiation.

So a little excited that I had managed to pull of the deal.  Picturing a Friday night out her in just the dress and heels, I was feeling pretty good.  So I shot home to present my prize to my wife.  What did I get?  You see the look….attitude.

Couple of side notes, no she is not wearing any panties in this picture.  (Yes, I am a dead man now).  And to be truthful I got a kiss on the cheek, but I am known to tell a story now and again…

Her Closet

DRESS:  Pixicat Dragon.Mini Seductive nr2 (Maitreya) RARE (new @ The Epiphany)

SHOES:  CerberusXing CX Sinister Summer Heel (new @ The Epiphany)

JEWELRY: RealEvil Industries  **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings;  **RE** Miriam Ear Piercings

TATTOO:  White-Widow Snatch

HAIR:  Shi. Octavia V2

The Scene

PROPS: DaD Designs “Aspen Cabin” m/c V.1


..more than just a pretty face

17.0714 Mrs Core more than a pretty face

…now besides being as pretty as they come, Mrs Core is a pretty sharp cookie.  She was fortunate enough to win early access to The Epiphany.  Of course, when ever she goes to one of these events she does not tell me anymore.  She once hit a gacha machine 53 times in under 3 minutes and she wonders why I always say “NO!”  Now days she waits until I am at work or napping and when she is finished simply says “but Baby doesn’t it look pretty?”  Now what do I say to that?

Easier to seek forgiveness than ask permission.   Now if i could only get the the events to ban her… “Skye, oh Skye…”

Her Closet

LINGERIE:  Blueberry Dream Girl Set (new @ The Epiphany)

JEWELRY: RealEvil Industries **RE** Venus Braclet; **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings

HAIR:  D!va Eileen (new @ Collabor88)

The Scene

PROPS: -DRD- Evening Romance – White Clouds – ADULT

POSE: Image Essentials IE – Female lay 1F


…wandering into town

16.0109 ToB - pickin' up my laundry I

We have all seen him, well maybe in movies…the silent stranger…the brooding tough guy…  He looks like he just walked thru 50 miles of bad road.  It seems every girl wants to save him and most guys just wanna avoid him.  You wonder what he is thinking?  The answer…where can a guy get a decent breakfast in this town?

Ok, ya figure me out.  Yes, I watched a Marlon Brando movie last night and am having flashbacks.   Hey, if ya can’t live it in SL, where can ya?

The Laundry

SKIN:  Aeros Avatar – Theo

HANDS:  Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax

EYES:  IKON Eternal Eyes – Snow

HAT: [horeenbeek] Beanie Hat (Men) [new @ TMD]

COAT:  Utopia Justin Jacket

JEANS:  BUENO Lexi Denim Jeans – Black Worn

BOOTS:  [hoorenbeek] Patagonia – Gritty Black

GLASSES:  [GOS] Custom Eyeware – SCT

GLOVES: [VALE KOER] Louis Gloves [new @ MOM]

POSE: Diesel Works Drogo 9


LOCATION: Dead End City – Dark Urban Roleplay




Closin’ Time

15.0308 - closing time 1.1 [whore couture]

There is just something about a blues girl…sultry and sexy…sorta takes ya breath away.

SKIN:  Glam Affair – Alice Cygana – India 01

SHAPE:  my own – not available for sale

BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1

EYES:  IKON Hope Eyes – Fjord

HAIR:  enVOGUE HAIR – Selina – Dark Greys   [new @ WCF]

TOP:  dollle – 070 Long Sleeve Loose Shirt – Blue   [new @ WCF]

SKIRT:  dollle – 072 Open Zip Leather Mini Skirt – Black   [new @ WCF]

SHOES:  CandyDoll – Clarie – Black   [new @ WCF]

JEWELRY:  L&B – “True” Jewelry Set – Platinum

LOCATION:  Blackheart’s Blues Cafe

“The Old Bull”

13.0602 Ambro waitin on a woman

Most folks know me as “the old bull” or Bull or OB.  I refer to myself as Ambro and folks go who?  And then i get asked where did the name come from?  It seems to come up fairly regularly in my wandering about.  I am sure many have heard it.  For those who haven’t, this is how it all started….

Many years ago an old bull and a young bull were standing a top a hill overlooking the heard in the valley below.  The young bull… being well young … could not stand still, stomping around in circles, pawing at the dirt.  While the old bull stood still simply watching and pondering.

The young bull being bored and looking for something to do decided to break the silence and ask the old bull a question.  “Hey, old one…what do you say we run down the hill and fuck us one of them cows?”

The old bull just looked at the young bull and snorted “nawh”

The young bull, a little mystified at the old bull’s response stomped around shaking his head.  Muttering “old bulls..never any fun…”

After a bit the old bull looked at the young bull and said “How about we walk down the hill and fuck us all them cows.”

Perspective…’nough said I think