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the fountain of youth

18.0902 Kickin the Dirt (dna001) - the fountain of youth

It has been awhile since I have done one of these, due mostly to the fact that I am lazy and a little anal.  Mrs Core refers to this as being overly dramatic.  I am not sure what that even means…


As of late, I have been concerned that my testosterone levels are dipping a little.  No, the plumbing is fine, but glossiness and shine of my ear fuzz has been diminishing.  And the old guy is known for his spectacular ear fuzz comb over.  So yes, I have been a bit edgy.

Mrs Core’s solution, why don’t we do up a couple of younger looks for fun.  I of course said it was a great idea, I am nothing if not fluid…flexible…open to change?!?!

So here we are, out and about, taking the kids for a test drive.  Notice the glossy comb over.  What happens some kid walkin’ by makes a comment about Mrs Core’s assets.  Now you have been wondering how senile I have gotten, as this story started with me talkin’ testosterone.  Well, nothing spikes a fella’s testosterone like the sound of an engine, cold ice packs on the back of his neck and the opportunity to show off in front of a girl he likes.  The words barely hit the air and I had one of those moments.  The old guy, would have heard the words, evaluated the kid, given the kid the old guy look, the kid would have walked away a little uncomfortable, the end.  But no, not this time.  Before I knew it I was ready to kick the kid’s ass and running my mouth.  Something about throwing him in the river, I think.  Absolutely no consideration if I could actually kick his ass.  The fact that all I had really done, was hit the spa and roll a few years back in the mirror, didn’t even register.  Thankfully Mrs Core leaned into me.  I felt a little sidage and the testosterone took me in a whole different direction.

In retrospect, I would have kicked his ass.  Old guys have skillz.

Now, baby where did I leave my pills and my glasses…

Her Closet

DRESS:  BIG BEAUTIFUL DOLL Rhiannon Dress (new @ the Kinky Event)

SHOES:  N-core N-core ERICA (new @ the Kinky Event)

His Laundry

SHIRT:  [Deadwool] Lorenzo shirt

TROUSERS:  [Deadwool] Tweed trousers

The Tools


POSE:  Ana Poses  The Royals

never under estimate the effect of 70’s rock

18.0122 back of her closet VI - never under estimate the effect of 70's rock

When you have been a couple as long as Mrs Core and I have, you discover that even a dashing ear fuzz comb over, rockin’ dad bod and irresistible charm are sometimes not enough to keep things interesting.  So, yes I plan spontaneous date nights for the second even-numbered Monday of the Month.  Pretty sure she has not figured it out yet.

Last night was, you guessed it the second even-numbered Monday of the month.  So Monday morning I called her and told we were going out and I would pick her up after work.  I took her to an old joint we like to go to.  It is a little rough around the edges but the music is good and she does like to dance.

We walked in and I slipped the bartender a twenty to put the 70’s mix in the jukebox and keep it there.  Why 70’s?  Cause old guys know stuff.  More about that in a minute.  A couple of cocktails later, Mrs Core is singing Bad Company’s Feel Like Making Love, dancing and flirting with the old guy.  I figure I did alright.  Giggling, she leans back into me…whispers “Baby, you know I am not wearing panties”…and winks.

Told ya old guys know stuff and yeah, I am pretty sure she hasn’t figured it out yet….

Her Closet

TOP:  Blueberry Star Tops

SKIRT:  !ElvenElder  !EE Fit mesh leather skirt (new @ Shiny Shabby

SHOES:  [GOS] Boutique Engima Sandals

HAIR: TRUTH Caralisa (new mainstore release)

JEWELRY:  RealEvil Industries Necklace – **RE** Noelle Necklace; Rings – **RE** Raven Ring set; Earrings – Miriam Ear Piercings

His Laundry

SUIT:  [Deadwool] The Dandy


The Location

| Elysion |

The Tools


POSES: hers – Le Poppycock – Dare to Dream ; his – Body Language Lean on 09m

…long weekend at the cottage

17.0703 ToB pickin' up my laundry VI

I am told that summer time is about long weekends at the cottage.  Being a winter guy I have never quite been sold on that.  However as it is the Canada Day long weekend and our 150th birthday the girls managed to convince me to head to cottage country.

Now you would figure that this would be a relaxing weekend, no stress, no worries. Please!  The girls worked on their tans, had a few cocktails and messed with the boys.  I drove, picked up the supplies, blew the dust outa the cottage and played cook and waiter.

Of course the cherry on the cake, Sunday morning, look what I found on the edge of the dock….some days I just shake my head

The Laundry

JEANS: [Deadwool] Broberry Jeans – washed (new)

JEWELRY: RealEvil Industries **RE** Elegance Rings; **RE** Sniper Tags; **RE** Aeternum Male Bracelet

HAIR: NO.MATCH No_Offense – Ombre


The Scene

COTTAGE: Redgrave JAC Boat House V1.0

PROPS: +Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini clutter (new @ SummerFest 2017)

POSE: Diesel Works Drogo2






…not much left

16.0205 ToB - pickin' up my laundry V

The other day I am futzin’ around, (old guy…enough said) and the Kaleidoscope group pops up and Krys says that she is gonna change the sim.  Pretty much stopped me in my tracks.  Keleidoscope is one of my favourite sims to visit and shoot pictures in.  It has that rural feel that seems to be difficult find here.  I know, I know…truth be told it just makes me nostalgic for my youth and simpler times.  Really I am not a romantic or a sentimentalist…my story and I am sticking with it.

I have talked to Krys a couple of times since to find out how long I would have to try and get all the pictures in I have thought about and put off.   She told me I would get lots of warning.  No matter what direction she takes the sim I know it will be brilliant, but I will miss what it is today.

Yes, there is a point to my rambling, the picture above.  Fifteen years ago my grand father passed away.  The family all went home for the funeral, it seems the only time any of us see anyone anymore.  The day before the funeral, my father decided to go see the old homestead and run the back roads of the county.  He was in an usually talkative mood  that day, telling stories about places I had long forgotten about.  To put this in perspective, my family has deep rural roots…1 room school houses…going to church on Sunday meant coming outa the hills…and freedom or adventure meant catching the train at the side of the tracks.  Different world than today.  Anyway, we ended deep in the county behind my grandfather’s sugar bush and Pops pointed out what was left of the one room school house my grandfather had gone to.

I asked to stop to I could take a look around.  This is the ty6pe of thing that has always interested me.  The roof was gone, the doors or what was left, rotting on the ground, most of the windows too.  There were still a couple of one piece desks, the old black board was still on the wall and couple of piles of what looked like they had once been school books.  Not much really.

It had started snowing that day and it was beginning to cover up what was left.  I spent an hour walking around the old building, fighting with the alder bushes and taking pictures.  For me it was nostalgic, all the stories that I had been told by my grand parents about their young ‘n wild days, the family history and the quiet stories about how I really didn’t know it all…laughin’… the reminded me of all the times I had to admit my father and grandfathers and great grandfathers were right.  That still gets me to this day.  Sadly, that day there was not much left…..

The Laundry

SKIN:  Aeros Avatar – Theo

HANDS:  Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax

EYES:  IKON Odyssey Eyes – Silverleaf

JACKET:  [deadwool] Walden raincoat – Green

JEANS:  [deadwool] Worn out jeans – dark wash

BOOTS:  [hoorenbeek] Patagonia – Gritty Black

WATCH: [MANDALA]  Sitennoah – Black

POSE: AKEYO PowerAO Alpha Male Stands

TOOL:  LUMIPro  LUMIPro 2016

LOCATION: Kaleidoscope

16.0205 - ToB not much left II (@ kaleidoscope)