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…long weekend at the cottage

17.0703 ToB pickin' up my laundry VI

I am told that summer time is about long weekends at the cottage.  Being a winter guy I have never quite been sold on that.  However as it is the Canada Day long weekend and our 150th birthday the girls managed to convince me to head to cottage country.

Now you would figure that this would be a relaxing weekend, no stress, no worries. Please!  The girls worked on their tans, had a few cocktails and messed with the boys.  I drove, picked up the supplies, blew the dust outa the cottage and played cook and waiter.

Of course the cherry on the cake, Sunday morning, look what I found on the edge of the dock….some days I just shake my head

The Laundry

JEANS: [Deadwool] Broberry Jeans – washed (new)

JEWELRY: RealEvil Industries **RE** Elegance Rings; **RE** Sniper Tags; **RE** Aeternum Male Bracelet

HAIR: NO.MATCH No_Offense – Ombre


The Scene

COTTAGE: Redgrave JAC Boat House V1.0

PROPS: +Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini clutter (new @ SummerFest 2017)

POSE: Diesel Works Drogo2






James Dean

16.0111ToB - pickin' up my laundry II (rev2)

It is the beginin’ of the month and time for TMD.  Now remember TMD is for the boys, so it has always been a 1 click TP in, grab the demos, wander a bit and head for the pose stand.   Not this time.  I click my LM…”region is currently full, try again in a few minutes”…huh?  I try again….same thing.  I look at the map and see 18 million green dots….seriously..this is my event…wtf!  Oops… sorry… language.

Anyway, after some stomping and pouting I eventually got there.  I had seen a preview of a new Cold Ash sweater that was being released at TMD for January and actually thought it was  sorta of cool…not exactly being a sweater and shirt guy.  It reminded me of a picture I had seen of James Dean back in the day.  Not sure if it was from East of Eden or Giant, regardless, it got me thinking…50’s movie poster…technicolour…now there might be a picture here.

The Laundry

SKIN:  Aeros Avatar – Theo

HANDS:  Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax

EYES:  IKON Hope Eyes – Fjord

HAIR: *ARGRACE* Hayate Chocolate

SWEATER/SHIRT:  Cold Ash Dayton Sweaterw/Shirt [new @ TMD]

JEANS:  Cold Ash Ocelot Jeans Straight Fit

BOOTS:  Cold Ash Jericho Desert Boots – Dark

GLASSES:  [Steinwerk] Alphabeat glasses

WATCH:  [hoorenbeek] by kunst Schism Watch / Classic

POSE: Diesel Works Adonis 9


LOCATION: Basilique Town

…wandering into town

16.0109 ToB - pickin' up my laundry I

We have all seen him, well maybe in movies…the silent stranger…the brooding tough guy…  He looks like he just walked thru 50 miles of bad road.  It seems every girl wants to save him and most guys just wanna avoid him.  You wonder what he is thinking?  The answer…where can a guy get a decent breakfast in this town?

Ok, ya figure me out.  Yes, I watched a Marlon Brando movie last night and am having flashbacks.   Hey, if ya can’t live it in SL, where can ya?

The Laundry

SKIN:  Aeros Avatar – Theo

HANDS:  Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax

EYES:  IKON Eternal Eyes – Snow

HAT: [horeenbeek] Beanie Hat (Men) [new @ TMD]

COAT:  Utopia Justin Jacket

JEANS:  BUENO Lexi Denim Jeans – Black Worn

BOOTS:  [hoorenbeek] Patagonia – Gritty Black

GLASSES:  [GOS] Custom Eyeware – SCT

GLOVES: [VALE KOER] Louis Gloves [new @ MOM]

POSE: Diesel Works Drogo 9


LOCATION: Dead End City – Dark Urban Roleplay